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                Hose Reel
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                Name:Mobile hose reel irrigation machine JP50/150

                Time:2015-6-5 12:58:06

                Product Name: Roll shifting type sprinkling machine

                I Summary

                Roll shifting type sprinkling machine is the water-saving device that uses intermediate drive mechanism to drive the whole unit to roll over, and spray with multiple nozzles with fixed pipe lines to supply water to complete the sprinkling operation. It can be assembled into different lengths according to the widths of different lands. According to different irrigation intensity, increase or decrease the quantity of the matched nozzles. The machine has advantages on good atomizing effect, low pressure, water and energy saving, strong wind resistance, simple operation, no dead corners on sprinkling irrigation, etc. It is widely used in large-scale farmland water-saving irrigation project, and a better ideal new sprinkling machine.

                Characteristics of roll shifting type sprinkling machine:

                The characteristics of the roll shifting type sprinkling machine include simple structure, easy operation, and suitable for different water resources; strong climbing ability, reliable operation, small damage to crops; small investment.
                The roll shifting type sprinkling machine requires a rich source of water, and can not irrigate higher crops. 

                Application range of roll shifting type sprinkling machine: 
                Suitable for short pole crops such as vegetables, wheat and so on; it requires the terrain to be relatively flat.

                Ⅱ Model meaning:

                Ⅲ. Technical parameters:

                Note: the above quantity of nozzle is for the standard configuration. It can be doubled according to the soil conditions and user requirements. The flow and intensity of the sprinkling machine can also be doubled. 

                Ⅳ) Characteristics:

                One handle operation, easy control;

                Casting aluminum pipe, light weight and high pressure resistance;

                Imported gasoline engine, to ensure strong power;

                Imported nozzle, to ensure sprinkling quantity;

                Hot-dipped galvanized roller, no rust within 30 years.

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