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                Xuzhou Zhongshui irrigation and drainage equipment selection
                Time:2015-6-5 10:04:24                  Click:1382

                Xuzhou zhongshui irrigation and drainage equipment experts commonly used irrigation sprinkler irrigation equipment types and properties:

                An irrigation district has introduced more than 10 types of small and medium-sized irrigation equipment, including Italian eddies of water wheel roll disc sprinkler irrigation equipment, France capsule sprinkler irrigation equipment, Yugoslavia roll shift sprinkler irrigation equipment. Through field experiments, the basic conditions of the three main types of sprinkler irrigation equipment, the cost of irrigation equipment, and the comprehensive performance of sprinkler irrigation equipment were obtained..

                The spray irrigation equipment is an effective new type of irrigation equipment.. Italy production of the volume of sprinkler irrigation equipment for the water turbine driver, four gear shift. The irrigation water turbine and gearbox test, low noise, stable rotation reel, irrigation equipment around to anhydrous leaching. But there are quality problems for the joints and clips of the auxiliary pipes. The volume spray equipment of the French made in France is telescopic capsule, the structure of sprinkler irrigation equipment is reasonable, the welding technology is high, and the intensity of the hose is large and the interface is tight.. However, the intermittent rotation of the reel, the driver of the sound, the requirements of the source of water without sand particles, impurities, drive capsule easy aging, short life.

                The advantages and disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation equipment:

                1 volume sprinkler irrigation equipment

                Advantages: high efficiency, safe and reliable, is characterized by the mobile and flexible, strong mobility, high degree of mechanization, operation is simple and convenient farming to ensure high rate, operation good working conditions, low labor intensity, sprinkler car always in an irrigation surface walking, small load.

                Disadvantages: because of the range far, pressure requirements high, high energy consumption; influenced by wind is too large; head large, local irrigation intensity, impact on the delicate high crop slightly larger.

                2 shift tube sprinkler equipment

                Advantages: simple structure, light pipe, assembly and disassembly fast, high pressure water jet, low gravity, maintenance easy, simple and reliable operation and low fuel consumption.

                Disadvantages: small control area, work shift tube frequently, large labor intensity, farming the guarantee rate is low, if the manufacturing quality is low, pipe leakage serious.

                3 roll shifting sprinkler equipment

                Advantages: large control area, high operating efficiency, high degree of automation, sprinkler operation is simple.

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