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                Production technology of sprinkler pipe polypropylene spray pipe
                Time:2015-6-5 10:03:18                  Click:1369

                The formula contains 15 butadiene rubber, so the mixed operation is generally difficult mixing powder. The rubber blends can respectively adopt rolling stick, extrusion molding process, extrusion stick the molding production process.

                Roll blending, extrusion molding production process is first additives into the ball mill grinding, and grinding material weighing and resin in proportion into the kneading a kneading machine for 0.5 A LH, then the mixed material with a certain amount of rubber by double and mastication (before and 170 DEG C, after and 165 DEG C) 10 - 20ndn, then pull the piece cut grain. Blend pellets by single screw extruder extrusion molding, cooling and coiling for sprinkler pipe.

                Extrusion blending, extrusion molding production line is the first rubber granulator, before driving extrusion temperature rose to 50 to 60 DEG C, and the addition of a rubber strip, normal grain after the power is turned off, by friction heat to maintain normal extrusion granulation. Additives and polypropylene preliminary mixing the powder is measured according to the formula into the kneading a kneading machine for 0.5 h, kneading the material and particles evenly according to the proportion of mixed granulation, the cooling Faqieli, the extrudate into the water, stretching process by heating, in addition to water, air cooled, granular dry by a single screw extruder extrusion molding, cooling and coiling of sprinkler pipe.

                The granulation temperature of single screw extruder: feeding section 160 one 180, compression section 190, 190, 200, 190, die 205, 210, 150.

                The granulation of twin - screw extruder is better than that of single - screw extruder..

                Double screw extruder granulation temperature: feeding section 160 a 170, melting section 200 a 200, mixing section 210 a 200, measuring section 220 a 200, die 210, 205, 215

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