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                When explaining needle irrigation equipment
                Time:2016-8-27 10:15:07                  Click:1422

                Sprinkler irrigation equipment is often used in current products, but also many of its kind, sometimes needle varieties sprinkler, sprinkler pointer, winding irrigation machine, mobile sprinkler machines.

                When the pin is equipped with a sprinkler nozzle pipe supported on brackets can automatically walk around with the water supply system center while rotating sprinkler Large Irrigation equipment. Therefore, also known as center pivot irrigation equipment.

                This is due to the spray irrigation equipment into a circular track named, because when the sprinkler pipe as rotation pin dot matrix, also known as sprinkler, but also because when the sprinkler pipe work clockwise around a central fulcrum operation, also known as the central fulcrum sprinkler. The model first appeared in the United States and obtain a patent, from the earliest hydraulic, hydraulically driven sprinkler 1965 to produce electric drive center pivots, this is a revolution in the history of the irrigation machine. Because circular sprinkler mechanization, high level of automation, good quality sprinkler can greatly increase crop Boa positive, it has developed rapidly, the current state of the world's soybeans developed using this model to implement irrigation. China and from abroad in 1979 and in 1982 the production of prototype and certified by the National Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. However, due to miscellaneous material quality model design, level electrical drive systems are inferior, we now are imported from the United States mainland and Xinjiang sprinkler use.

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